August 1, 2007   ON THE TRANSPLANT LIST!!!

Two years ago, doctors at St. Joseph's Hospital told our kids that their son would be with them for two weeks, maybe up to two months.   They were told to take him home and love him for as long as they could.   They did as instructed, we did the same and you supported our kids with your love, your thoughts and your prayers.

Now, they received a similar two week to two month message, except this time it is two weeks/months until Jacob receives a kidney transplant.   As of 3:00 p.m. MDST, August 1, 2007, Jacob is on the official, active kidney transplant list.   All of his medical team, from the kidney doctor to the cardiologist to the...  well, you get the idea, have determined Jacob is ready for a transplant.   He is healthy, his blood work is the best it has ever been, his weight (28 pounds) is great, his heart is good (remember, he had an angioplasty) and he is good to go.

He was previously considered a high risk, mostly due to his age and size.   Now, with the progress he has made, he is considered a normal transplant risk and is at the top of the transplant list.   Of course, being on a transplant list is serious all by itself.   He needs a full medical evaluation that will happen within a week, and it could be anywhere from two weeks to two months for the transplant.

Everyone on his medical team is excited to see this happen, but no one more than Jacobís family and friends.   If this were paper, you would probably see tear spots and smudges.  

Our understanding is the transplant could happen at any time.   When a suitable kidney is found, there usually isnít much time between being available and the operation itself.   Notice could be a matter of hours, with an immediate response by Jason and Heather to get Jacob to the hospital.   I will try to keep you up-to-date when the operation happens, but it will probably be fast and furious (and scary) Ė be patient (pun intended).

So, thank you everyone for your prayers and support Ė Iíve mentioned before that the family appreciates every prayer, every visit, every thing you all have done.   This is a time when all this good stuff comes together and, quite frankly, it is overwhelming.   Thank you for overwhelming us!

I frequently end notes and such with "May God Bless" (this is how Red Skelton ended his tv show.)   This time - God has blessed!   Thank you.

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