Jacob's entire family has a lot to be thankful for and a lot of people to who we need to thank.  Here is a partial list.


The Gabby Krause Foundation gives bags of fun to kids who have cancer and other long term childhood diseases.  Gabby was a little girl with cancer who said other kids should have fun bags like those her family and friends gave her. The foundation was formed in her memory to do just what she wanted and Jacob was nominated by a friend to receive a Gabby fun bag.  Thank you to the foundation and the friend who nominated Jakie.  Visit the foundation at http://bagsoffun.org/


Project Linus gives hand made blankets to infants and children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.  When Jacob was in the NICU, he received a blanket.  We all latched onto the blanket as something of his that his parents could keep, no matter what happened.  It brought a comfort all out of proportion to its size.  Unfortunately the blanket was taken out of his room during a cleaning and was never found.  We hope some other family in need received it and love it still.  Visit http://www.projectlinus.org/.


Special thanks to TCH staff for helping us get this far:  Dr. Ford, Dr. Lum, Dr. ‘Melis’ (Kidney Center Doctors at TCH), Silvia (PD nurse), Rose (Dietician), Terri and Diane (Transplant coordinating nurses), and favorite ‘Vampire’ Brandie (lab tech, known for excellent blood draws).


Also thanks to Jacob’s therapists Kelly (OT) and LeAnn (PT) that come to his house each and every week to help him catch up on the physical stuff - “strong muscles” as Jacob likes to say!


Dr. Azimi, now in Washington, who took care of Jacob at the beginning and continues to keep track of him.


The Children's Hospital - TCH chose Jacob for their Christmas program, to help kids and families during the holidays and for the excellent care always given.  They have an elevator that goes express sometimes - it is Jacob's favorite ride and you better have your ears covered if you are in there with him!


Saint Joseph's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Children's Hospital staff - Everyone the family has met and dealt with are wonderful people.  The care Jacob has received has been excellent.  We are pretty sure that most of the staff will never forget Jacob, partly because he still visits them on a regular basis, something they weren't expecting!  The St. Joseph NICU has an annual picnic for kids and their families who have 'graduated' from the NIC U.  We all went to the picnic in 2005, bought graduation shirts and then got the devastating news about Jacob.  The shirts were packed away.  Sharon and I went to this years picnic with pictures of Jacob to show everyone and we had our shirts on.  Many of the people who cared for Jacob last year were there this year and we gave them an update.  There were more tahn a few tears of joy. 

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - This is a non-profit organization that provides 'infant bereavement photography'.  Volunteer photographers do a photo shoot and provide photos and slideshows to families with terminally ill infants.  We contacted a local photographer, Sandy Puc, and she came to the home for the Jacob's shoot.  At the time, we didn't know how long we would have Jacob and she came out with just a few days notice.  Sandy, with Expressions Photography, is a co-founder of the organization.  The first B&W photos on the '05 page are hers.  We asked her how many times she did shoots for families.  She said 3 or 4 a week!  She then thanked us for being able to do this in a home - she normally goes to hospitals and mortuaries!  Special work.  Visit at www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org

Babycakes Photography - Jennie Murphy, another wonderful photographer.  The second set of B&W pictures are hers.  She took photos when Jacob was about one month old and she provided a slideshow, too.  The show is done with "Christopher Robin" as the background music.  This is a tear jerker - I could only watch it once while Jacob was in hospice care and it still makes me cry when I watch it now.  Visit at www.babycakesphotography.net

John Bukaty - John is an artist who mostly works with musical groups with much of his work becoming cover art or posters.  John is the artist who painted the portrait of Jacb for his birthday (see the birthday pictures.)  The portrait is based on a photo of Jacob laying on a bed, but his left arm is out of the photo.  John selected the photo and added the 'number one' hand - putting the theme of 'Look Who's Won' on canvas.  Thanks, John.  Visit at www.johnbukaty.com

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