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March 13, 2011 From Grampa:

Just to get catch up with how Jacob is doing, he is doing great!  He is most of the way through kindergarten and has done really well, especially after he figured out this is real school and he has to pay attention.  Sounds pretty normal for a 5 year old!

 His class has a few other kids with medical issues – it makes it easier for the school to take care of them correctly.  One of his classmates has had a heart transplant and was in the hospital recently.  Jacob visited him, took over the room and climbed into bed with his friend.  His mom said it was the first time her son had smiled in the hospital.

Jacob is still on very low doses of medication because the kidney is functioning so well.  He still gets most of his food through a g-tube, although he is doing well in food school and once in a while he will sneak some food in his mouth (especially if he thinks you aren’t looking.)  He gives hugs and kisses for no apparent reason, likes to help cook things and still likes to read - especially if you are holding the book and saying the words.  He will walk over to you and say ‘I am tired, I need a nap.’, which shocks everybody, and then he goes to bed.

The pictures on ‘Look at Me Now’ include some from last year so you can see how much he has grown up and how much he is the same.  One thing I noticed when going through the photos is how much better his color is – still a little pale but now with much more pink than before.  Awesome.  Hope you enjoy!

For those visiting for the first time, I just read the front page again.  I still can’t read those poems without crying, so don’t feel alone.

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